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DANCE Athens is a team which takes advantage of our professional guest instructors, welcoming and open community. Join us today, on our intensive preparation programs, competitions & seminars in Greece and abroad.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer looking to improve your technique, contact us to learn more on our pricing and be a part of the DANCE Athens community!


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What we do

In DANCE Athens we organize seminars & intensive workshops in order to prepare students. DTIB projects featuring mainly Ilias Bageorge & friends with performances in Greece. The DANCE vacation programs combine education and leisure. This year we are also virtually "hosted" our first DANCE competition in Athens connecting all dots from our international network.


DANCE Workshops

Intensive & Short Term Seminars

We organize seminars & intensive workshops in order to prepare students.

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DANCE Projects

Featuring DTIB Performances

DTIB projects featuring mainly Ilias Bageorge & friends. Throughout the year, we participate or organize dance performances directed and conceived by Ilias Bageorge. 

DTIB dance team has participated already for the second year at the “Compartments Dance Project” festival (Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf) and the Xouth Festival with other participants from 23 countries. 


DANCE Vacations

Learn, Travel & more

Experience DANCE Athens abroad, everything organized and handled by Ilias Bageorge, the team and our specialized companions.

Participants can experience exclusive tours in the city and other activities such as visit local dance companies, shops or restaurants that we collaborate with. 


DANCE Competitions

Explore your potentials

#StayHome | March 2020, brought us all together home but more united as ever. We hosted our first virtual DANCE competition in Athens connecting all dots from our network.

Found the coolest jury and a great amount of gifts & rewards.

From the DANCE community

to the DANCE community. 

Congratulations to all participants and partners! 


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Ilias Bageorge

Founder, Instructor, Creative Director

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