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Ilias Bageorge

Founder, Instructor, Creative Director

Ilias is the founder and the main member of Dance Athens. His passion for dance and teaching others to feel confident while dancing is a true inspiration. He is a one man show.

Ilias Bageorge was born and raised in Athens. He studied dance in Thessaly Ballet, under the supervision of Gech Mihov. He continued his studies with scholarships in "Jacob's Pillow Academy" in New York and "The National School of Dance" in Athens, Greece.

He is a professional dancer since 2008. His first big collaboration started while studying at the Greek National Opera with the National Ballet of Cuba. Throughout these years, he has participated in national & international performances & festivals in local and non local productions. In 2014-2015, he performed in 12 countries with "The pelican", a video dance production with "Dancetheater Lydia Lithos". As freelancer, he is currently working with the "Dancers of North" in productions & events. Currently he is also participating in a global production with Russell Maliphant.

Ilias works also as director & choreographer with his dance teams and in other theaters & festivals. From 2009, he is a Ballet & Contemporary Dance instructor in well known dance & theater schools & academies in Greece. He is the founder of DANCE Athens.

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